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offers you this private walking tour in Florence where you can visit the most remarkable sections of the Bargello Museum, the house of unique Renaissance masterpieces such as the Bacchus by Michelangelo and the two trial bronze panels made by Brunelleschi and Ghiberti, in 1401, about whom we will talk during the time we spend inside the building.

Don’t expect the classic tour of the main rooms to see the usual famous statues, as our guide’s aim is to give you a different idea of the visual concept expressed by the first Renaissance sculptor, Donatello, through some of his masterpieces like his homoerotic David and Athys.

As this museum is also the seat of some sculptures made by the young Michelangelo, we will have the chance to see how the Florentine master represented both the religious and mythological elements in some works.

Our private English speaking Guide at your disposal during the whole tour has the experience, knowledge and humour to make sure you leave with an enviable knowledge about Donatello’s work. 

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Tour – 130€

Price for a group up to 5


On Request

Daily departures all year round depeding on opening time of the museum



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