City Gay Tours offers the possibility to visit The fortress of Isabel II or known by locals as La Mola Fortress in Mahon, Menorca.

La Mola fortress is one of the major and more unknown European fortresses built in the 19th Century. Of magnificent design and with perfectly conserved walls , the fort leaves no one indifferent, one feels obliged to admire its architectural values.

The setting in which the fortress was built is one of the fort’s main values. La Mola peninsula, located in Mahon Harbour mouth, on the East of the isle of Minorca, the most Easterly point of Spanish territory, offers magnificent views of Mahon Harbour and the island’s coastline.

*** This activity just includes Entrace Fee to visit La Mola fortress***

Meeting Point


Adult – 9€/pp

Kids (6-12 yrs) – 5€/pp


On Request

La Mola Fortress opens from February till November


  • La Mola

    La Mola

  • Main entrance

    Main entrance

  • Enjoying the views

    Enjoying the views

  • Vickers Cannon

    Vickers Cannon

  • Inside the fortress

    Inside the fortress

  • Visiting on a Buggy

    Visiting on a Buggy


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