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offers you this private tour to get to Vincent Van Gogh’s resting place by Vespa scooter in about 1.5 hour from Paris. You can enjoy beautiful landscapes and have lots of fun while driving to this small town near Paris called Auvers sur Oise.

You will leisurely, safely and comfortably drive your own 125cc Vespa scooter (See Driver’s License requirement) alone or with your passenger, assisted by your fluently English speaking tour guide on scenic roads.

Vincent Van Gogh spent the last 70 days of his life of turmoil in one of the most luminous and whimsical villages ever, still practically untouched since the painter’s time. There, he painted over 70 of his most recognizable paintings.

The purity of the light, the stillness of the wheat fields, the quirkiness of the houses have also been on the inspired palette of renowned impressionists and naturalists painters like Corot, Pissarro, d’Aubigny or Cezanne, before and after Van Gogh’s time. 

You will be mesmerized with this exceptional hidden getaway by Vespa scooter that very few people know about.

    • This ride to Van Gogh’s last journey will be the opportunity to feel one with the French lifestyle and to enjoy the picturesque suburbs and countryside.
    • ​Once in Auvers sur Oise, you will visit several memorial sites of Van Gogh’s passage, including the cemetery where Vincent and his brother Theo are resting together. The town, legally protected, kept the essence of its earlier times and you will be able to recognize the subjects that Van Gogh painted like the church, houses, the wheat fields, and so on.
    • Depending on the day of the visit, it is possible to enter some specific historical sites. Some are free like the visually stunning house of Docteur Gachet, the castle’s gardens of Auvers sur Oise or the tomb of Van Gogh. At other sites, you have the option to purchase a ticket to see Van Gogh’s room (6€/pp) at the Ravoux Inn which is also an actual excellent restaurant or for the museum of Absinthe (5€/pp), relating the history of the once banned Green Fairy liqueur, preferred drink of the artists of the time.
    • On the way back to Paris, you will take another scenic road along the Oise river with real surprises along the way.
    • As you approach the Paris gates, you will experience a total contrast from the earlier peaceful Auvers sur Oise and the ultra modern financial district of La Defense with its science-fiction flare. Then you are in Paris, driving by the Arc de Triomphe.
  • On this particular tour, we use 125cc scooters only! You must have a valid and current driver’s license with a Motorcycle endorsement.

    By law, passengers must be older than 10 years old

    ​For bearers of a car-only driver’s license: If you already have substantial experience driving a motorized two-wheel vehicle, you are allowed to drive smaller engine (50 cc) scooters in France. In this case, you are welcome to pick another of our Vespa scooter tours, either Paris in a Day Vespa Scooter Tour or Versailles and Countryside Vespa Scooter Tour.

    On the day of the tour, before we start, we will require:

    • Your current valid driver’s license
    • A valid credit card for a 1500 € safety deposit for the scooter.
      This deposit is a hold only – NOT a charge – for the scooter. It will be released to you at the end of the tour.
    • 7 hours approximately
    • Transfer from/to your hotel to the Paris Vespa boutique
    • 7 hour journey with Round trip Paris>Auvers sur Oise>Paris in approximately 3 to 4 hours
    • 125 cc Vespa scooter with 2 helmets, gloves and lock
    • Third part/liability insurance
    • Fluently English speaking tour guide and his scooter
    • Return to the Vespa boutique
    • Optional Gratuities
    • Entrance fee to venues. Optional visit of Van Gogh’s room (6€/pp) and museum of absinthe (5€/pp)
    • Spending money
    • Lunch – Several excellent bistros & restaraunts on site, including Van Gogh’s Ravoux Inn
    • Suitable shoes and clothing for driving
    • Drinking water
    • Camera
    • Spending money
    • Your Joie de Vivre
    • Private Tour with only you, your travel mate(s) and your guide 
    • We may go inside some free-entrance attractions
    • Paid attractions like the Ravoux Inn (Wednesday to Sunday) or the Absinthe museum (Week-end only) are extra. They are affordable and really worth visiting. With or without these add-ons you will have quite an amazing time.
    • Tour runs rain or shine. We are rain-gear top & bottom equipped.
    • English
    • French
  • Cancellations

    For cancellation you may write an email indicating the reference of your booking and your wish to cancel it to

    All cancellations may have a charge according to when you tell us your wish to cancel your booking.

    This service has these Cancellation Fees,

    • Cancellations up to 7 days before the services: No Cancellation Fee.
    • Cancellations between 7 and 4 days before the services: Cancellation Fee of 20% of cost of your booking.
    • Cancellations within 3 days before the service or No Show: Cancellation Fee of 100% of cost of your booking.

    Any banking fees because of returns will be paid by customers.


    For changes you may write an email indicating the reference of your booking and your requested changes to

    We can not guarantee any change until we have provider’s confirmation. Some changes may have an additional cost.



Driver – 262€/pp

Passenger – 62€/pp


On Request

Daily departures at 9’00AM


  • Vespa Scooter Tour

    Vespa Scooter Tour

  • Gardens at Auvers Sur Oise castle

    Gardens at Auvers Sur Oise castle

  • Auvers Sur Oise church

    Auvers Sur Oise church

  • and Van Gogh's reality

    and Van Gogh's reality

  • Driving through Sunflowers fields

    Driving through Sunflowers fields

  • Ravoux Inn

    Ravoux Inn


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