City Gay Tours offers you this fun and original way to visit Paris, on a Tuk Tuk. Cool, quick, customisable, and above all out in the fresh air, travelling by tuk-tuk is the most enjoyable and unforgettable way to move around Paris.

During three hours this tour will offer you the possibility to enjoy the most famous monuments in Paris, connecting them one by one, at your pace (we can even do short-stops to allow for some quality photoshoot pauses). 



Adults – 95€/pp



On Request

Departures everyday from 10’00AM to 11’00PM


  • Tuk Tuks in Paris

    Tuk Tuks in Paris

  • Girls on Tuk Tuk

    Girls on Tuk Tuk

  • Big group, more fun

    Big group, more fun

  • Notre Dame

    Notre Dame


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