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offers you this tour to explore the most famous museum in Paris, Le Louvre.  With our exclusive guided tour you will discover all the evolution of art history and of course, La Mona Lisa.

With more than eight centuries of history, Le Louvre Palace continues surprising us.  A Medieval Fortress, a Renaissance Palace and since the 18th century a museum, this political and artistic place has attracted kings and presidents who have embellished it to make even more oustanding. Events have also marked its history.

 Le Louvre museum is famous due to its pyramid entrance and of course its remarkable work of art ‘ La Mona Lisa’ but this is not all.  The visit will make you discover how art history developed from antiquity until the 19th century while admiring other masterpieces following a chronological trip. The Venus of Milo, the Victory of Samothrace, the Liberty guiding the people are some of them without leaving aside the most amazing of the rooms called ‘the Gallery of Apollo’.

Art, history and anecdotes are the best ingredients to fully enjoy ‘the’ highlight of Paris.



Adults – 53€/pp

Minimum 4 people


On Request

Departures everyday except Tuesdays



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