City Gay Tours
offers you the opportunity to explore the city of Paris as experienced by everyone’s favourite New Yorker, Carrie Bradshaw, in the ground-breaking hit television show Sex and the City.

For the epic two-part series finale, Carrie followed her heart and moved to Paris to be with her boyfriend, famed artist Aleksandr Petrovsky, which meant for two episodes the city of Paris was on full display. Now it’s your turn to see the sights of Paris as featured in An American Girl in Paris, parts une and deux.

Our Sex and the City tour will take you to all of the filming locations from the show, while talking about the behind the scenes stories that made these episodes and the show come to life. Come with us and walk over the bridge where Mr. Big made his big declaration of love. See the Dior store where Carrie made her big entrance. Take pictures at the fountain where Carrie cleaned up her famous shoes. It’s all on this tour and so much more!



Adults – 69€/pp


On Request

Departures at 16’00h on Thursdays all year round



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