Stockholm Gay Tours offers this photo inspiring tour through some of the city’s most photographed places. On the way we will see many attractions such as City Hall, Parliament House, Old Town, the Royal Garden and the famous Royal Crown.


Stockholm Gay Tours offers a great opportunity to meet the “King of the forest” (moose) at dusk if your join to this Wildlife Safari Photo Tour. You will be part of an outdoor experience and see animals like moose, deer, wild boar, fox and hare.


Stockholm Gay Tours offers this photo tour through Djurgården, one of the most beautiful places in Stockholm and a must to explore. We take you on a unique nature walk at dawn where you can experience something really special.


Stockholm Gay Tours offers this photo tour to explore Stockholm during the night. Join a professional photographer on Stockholm by night and visit his favorite places, from fantastic panoramas to the Old Town ghostly alleys.


Stockholm Gay Tours offers private photo tours when you visit Stockholm and be inspired by the best offered both photographic and sightseeing. You get your own professional photographer with you on one of our inspiring tours of the city.