Stockholm Gay Tours – Sunset Wildlife Safari Photo Tour
Stockholm Gay Tours – Sunset Wildlife Safari Photo Tour

Stockholm Gay Tours
offers a great opportunity to meet the “King of the forest” (moose) at dusk if your join to this Wildlife Safari Photo Tour. You will be part of an outdoor experience and see animals like moose, deer, wild boar, fox and hare.

An encounter with the “King of the forest” is a powerful experience. Soon they get used to our presence and will slowly continue their feast in the woodlands. In addition to the tour, we will familiarize ourselves with the wild boar which can reach a weight of up to 500kg. Its piglets look like tiny tiger cubs in the coat, very sweet to look at. However, one should know that the mother is always nearby and there are wild and shy animals yet very dangerous.

We will pick you up in the center of Stockholm and drive 20 minutes out into the countryside. The Wildlife safari tour is limited to a group of about 8 people. Along the way, we also make a stop in order to familiarize ourselves with the history of the Vikings and a stop to a real Viking rune stone.

We serve Swedish “Fika” along the way and here’s the opportunity to ask questions or just enjoy the silence. When dusk fades away and darkness has presented himself we drive slowly back to Stockholm with a beautiful memory for life.



Adult – 100€/pp


On Request

Available during June, July and August.


Stockholm Gay Tours – Sunset Wildlife Safari Photo Tour

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