City Gay Tours offers you the opportunity to discover the second biggest and deepest natural harbour in the World. Sail along Mahon harbour while listening to historical commentaries to discover what happened in this beautiful natural port.

City Gay Tours offers the possibility to visit The fortress of Isabel II or known by locals as La Mola Fortress. La Mola fortress is one of the major and more unknown European fortresses built in the 19th Century.

City Gay Tours proposes you to find out the Menorcan seabed in the most fun way, snorkeling with a Sea Scooter. Take to the sea as you have never done before, a swimming-speed propulsion or pirouetting under the sea.

City Gay Tours offers the possibility to visit the depths of Menorca’s Marine Reserve with this snorkeling excursion of about 2 hours. Spectacular settings, excellent visibility and abundant life awaits.

City Gay Tours offers you this unique experience that you could only explain it when try it. Adrenaline guaranteed. Try our Flyboard Big Experience for an amazing flight above the beautiful turquoise water of Menorca.